VOLUNTEERS – The Building Stones of Our Church

The basic foundation of the Pikeville Church of God is our volunteer infrastructure. God has blessed our church for the faithfulness and diligence of our volunteers. Anytime you want to lead, you should begin by serving. The structure of our church is that all members/regular attendees volunteer in some form or fashion. As stated in the old African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child, it takes the guidance of all to focus these children down the right path to their future. Following is a list of departments and ministries provided by Pikeville Church of God. To request further information, or to volunteer, please contact Pastor Dunn at the Church Office (423) 447-2331.


Please use an offering envelope for all tithes, offerings, and donations, which are usually located in the sanctuary chairs and in the vestibule. Include your name on the envelope, then place the envelope in the offering plate, or give it to Bro. Bob Holloway, Financial Clerk. We also use EasyTithe to accept tithes, offering, church donations, etc. Just download the EasyTithe app and set up your account.

Altar Ministry

You normally don’t think of the altar as a location for a ministry, but it definitely is. It takes Christians with a heart for God and their fellow man to serve as a willing vessel in prayer for others. Altar workers should consistently focus on such prayer, rather than serving as counsel to those hurting or in need. The Lord will provide the appropriate counsel or direction to locate such counsel. People offering prayer, support, and intercession during altar ministry are vital to the Pikeville Church of God.


To schedule an announcement at one of our services, please contact Bro. Nathan McGowan. He does an excellent job every service sharing announcements, prayer requests, and supervising the offering.


If you would like to have your child dedicated unto the Lord, please contact Pastor Dunn. Baby Dedications are done periodically throughout the year as the need arises.


Baptism is administered by total immersion, per the Church of God guidelines. For more information please contact Pastor Dunn at (423) 447-2331.


This ministry provides assistance with meals and/or other needs after hospitalization, during illness, or after an immediate family member’s death. Please notify Sis. Tressie Heard in the event of any of the above.

Children’s Ministry

Our children, ages 3 through 12,  attend Sunday School, Children’s Church, and Wednesday Night Class concurrent with adult church services. Bob & Loretta Ellis, Tim & Jessica Churches, Blake & Taya Miller are some of the members who are instrumental in directing the activities for the children. Bro. Bob & Sis. Loretta Ellis also serves as the C.E. Directors.


Our communion is open to anyone who has received Jesus Christ into their hearts as Lord and Savior. Communion is observed during random Sunday Worship Services.

Decorating for Special Events

Please contact a member of the decorating committee to assist with decorating the building for special events such as District Services, Christmas or Easter Services, etc. Those on the decorating committee are: Sis. Christie Burgess and Sis. Sue Colvard. Contact either of these ladies to assist.


If you desire to have someone meet with you for spiritual guidance, contact Pastor Dunn. If you are willing to serve as a mentor to help others in their spiritual walk, please notify Pastor Dunn, as well.

Live Streaming

All services are live streamed and recorded via the PCOG Facebook page. They can be accessed at any time after posting. See Sis. Barbara Young & Sis. Cheryl Neymeiyer for more information in accessing this service. Because these services are open to the general public, no written permission is required to stream.

Family Nights

Periodic family activities are planned throughout the year. Timely announcements are made during service, as well as being shared via the PCOG prayer line.


For help with, or to provide plants and flower arrangements, please contact the Church Office. Bro. Bob Holloway is in charge of this service.

Food Pantry

The Food Pantry sponsored by various community churches, serves Bledsoe County and the surrounding communities. We receive regular donations from other Churches and organizations. To make donations or to receive food, please contact Sis. Sue Colvard.


If you have invited friends or family and wish to have them seated with you during the service, please let the greeters know and they will help them locate you. We are a friendly Church! We ask that you be alert to new faces and make a special point to greet visitors and make them feel welcome. Robert & David Boynton are faithful in welcoming everyone at the door each service.

Maintenance – Buildings & Grounds

To request any special use of the facilities, please contact Pastor Dunn. Bro. Charlie Young is instrumental in keeping all electrical & maintenance needs met.


Membership is offered periodically and is coordinated by Pastor Dunn. If you want more information, please contact him.

Music Department

Our Praise & Worship Team, under the guidance of Bro. Dan Colvard, leads us each Service into the Presence of God. Musicians include: Brandon & Naomi Blaylock, Mike McGuire, Jordan Burgin, Pam Dunn, Jessica Churches, & Robin Burgin. 


We provide an Infant Nursery area for ages birth up to age 3 every Sunday and Wednesday. Please feel free to take you child into the nursery at any time, as it is equipped with a complete sound system, allowing you to hear the service in its entirety.

Prayer Chain

For prayer requests, TEXT (423) 618-3652, whenever a need arises. These requests will then be communicated to our Church Prayer Team.

Prison Ministry

We offer outreach, services, spiritual counseling, and sincere encouragement to prisoners in Bledsoe and Sequatchie Counties. Pastor Dunn coordinates this ministry.

Media Team

Bro. Tim Churches coordinates the sound department, maintaining all equipment, as needed. The projection system and computer operations are handled by Sis. Barbara Young & Sis. Cheryl Neymeiyer.

Special Events, Weddings, Funerals

For special events such as large meetings, weddings, funerals, youth services, etc., please contact Pastor Dunn to schedule the event and use of the facility.

Sunday School

Sunday school for all ages each Sunday from 10-10:50 am. Sunday School classes are: Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Juniors, Teens, New Converts, Young Adults, Good Samaritan Adults, and Senior Adults. Each Sunday School Class is taught by exceptional volunteers.


Our ushers assist at all regularly scheduled services, as well as special events and funerals, as needed. Please contact Bro. Bob Holloway, Clerk, for more information.


P.C.O.G.  began its mark in Bledsoe County history in 1923, at the foot of mountain, and relocated only one other time to the Sequatchie Road site, since approximately 1948. Sixty-four years, and most of our lives, was spent on Sequatchie Road. Many souls were saved there, many baptized in the Holy Spirit, and God truly blessed us there in uncountable ways. His blessings have only continued to abound as we made the transition ten years ago to our current facility at 1324 Main St. The building here is still relatively new, the carpets have spots, the walls have markings, and the lights may be dusty, but our God is as evident here as ever before! He  led us to this location and He is answering prayers daily! GOD IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME!